Charley’s Tune Up

This morning we dropped Charley off for a little work.  While he can surely hold his own with the big rigs, he’s riding a little rough.  So after much research on Fred’s part, we think we’ve come up with a solution to make our riding on the road – more specifically, over the bumps! – a lot smoother.

We’re now heading back up to Chicago, then Appleton, in Toad, sans Charley.  We’re leaving him in good hands (we hope!) at a truck repair place down in South Carolina.  Wayne’s going to install some new shock absorbers and a sway bar – which at first I was mistakenly calling a roll bar.  I hope we don’t need a roll bar!!

After our holiday time with family and friends back up in the Midwest, we’ll drive Toad back down to rendezvous with Charley, then off we’ll go to see Daddy & Joan in Southport.  From there, we’ll make our way down the Carolina & Georgia coasts, with stops in Charleston and Savannah, then head to Ft. Myers Beach for Christmas and our fabulous Jolly family wedding after Christmas!

Charley has served us well for almost six months, but we all can use a tune-up every now and then….