Hoop Dreams

Monday, April 4th — After another fabulous long weekend in Chicago and lots more celebrating and partying which I’ll write about soon, we are now at Mom’s up here in Appleton where we’ll spend a few days visiting with her and my sister and her family. It’s basketball weekend, and as I write this post […]

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O Holy Night

Christmas is now over, but as this blog is also the journal for our life on the road, I wanted to capture and share a few bits of our wonderful Christmas holidays so that friends and family members who check in with us regularly here on our website can see what all we did. We

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Congratulations Graduate!

Congratulations to our college graduate, Kelsey Ann Kramer!  After four years at the University of Wisconsin at Madison and then one final semester of study abroad in Granada, Spain, to hone her Spanish-speaking skills, our niece [who’s also my goddaughter] Kelsey graduated yesterday!   She majored in Spanish as she wants to be bi-lingual, but took a full load

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