Snow days!

It’s official — we are in love with Vermont!!!  We love visiting Pam & Stan, our friends with the beautiful home on top of a mountain where the views are serenely spectacular!  We love their friends whom we’ve gotten to know through various functions including dinner parties, kayaking afternoons on the town lake, a turkey […]

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Welcome to Vermont!

January 21st — After a very early morning that began with a 3:30 a.m. wake-up call, and a long day of flying from Los Angeles to Philadelphia to Burlington, we finally arrived at our destination in northern Vermont.  As we approached the airport in our little regional jet, we were treated with views of the quiet

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Heaven in Vermont

We’ve just spent the last six days experiencing a slice of heaven in one of the states we were really looking forward to visiting – Vermont.  It was everything we had dreamed of for the last four years as we’ve been planning for our two-year road trip adventure, and then it was infinitely more!  The primary reasons are our

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