Our Thankful Thanksgiving

What a blessing it has been to be with Jackie, Daryl, Jennie, Rachael, Kristen, and our nephew (my sister’s oldest son) Kyle to celebrate Thanksgiving!  Indeed, we all have so much and are so grateful for our many blessings!  We missed being with other members of our family who weren’t with us, but we toasted them,

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Miles and Miles…

… of nothing but miles and miles.   That’s how my mother described driving through Texas, and that’s exactly what we have experienced as we’ve been driving through this part of the country these last several days.  It’s beautiful, but oh-so-very isolated and remote.  In every direction, we see ranch land, fences, steers, mesquite trees and cactus-choked, arid land

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Big Bend National Park

March 10-16 – Extraordinary was one of many adjectives we used on a regular basis as we drove through the arid southwest Texas desert and mountains en route to, and then within, Big Bend National Park.  Impressive, amazing, vast, beautiful, remarkable, incredible, striking… I could keep going, but I think you’ll think the same when you see some of the sights

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