Longwood Gardens

October 24 — An absolute must see for anyone within a 100-mile radius of Philadelphia/Wilmington – we’re not joking… these gardens in the Brandywine Valley outside of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, are among the best in the entire world!  Started by another du Pont, Pierre Samuel du Pont (1870-1954), Longwood Gardens today spans 1,077 acres which includes a 4-acre Conservatory, […]

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Best Hike Yet

August 25 – On the recommendation of a couple of people we met three weeks ago, we came up to Ricketts Glen – a state park in northern Pennsylvania.   They sold us on the promise of an epic hike that takes you alongside 21 waterfalls – you hike down one creek to where the two

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Washington’s Crossing

August 19th — At Fred’s insistence, we visited Washington’s Crossing State Park.  As it wasn’t on our “National Park Areas” list, I wasn’t too keen on going – I just wanted to get to Valley Forge! – but Fred wanted to see this famed historic site as General George Washington crossed the Delaware River here.  I

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The Haines Shoe House

It is in the category of “Out of the Ordinary” that this place belongs.  We learned about the Haines Shoe House from the CBS News Sunday Morning show, I think it was.  As the picture depicts, it’s a house in the shape of a shoe!  Well, actually it’s a work boot. We drove by this unique dwelling

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Meet Reg!

Our new little nephew came into the world back on June 30, and last night we got to meet him!  You can call me a biased aunt, but I think he’s the sweetest, most adorable little thing on the planet! Amy & Ray went through all of the steps and the anxiety of adopting this little peanut,

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