The Last Show

That’s the news from Lake Wobegon,where all the women are strong,all the men are good looking,and all the children are above average. Garrison KeillorA Prairie Home Companion The memories sometimes find their way out…I am five years old lying on a sofa in the front room of my grandparents’ farm house drifting off to sleep …

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Joshua Tree National Park

Our travels have taken us from the Pacific Ocean over to the Coachella Valley, and we are now less than 100 miles from the Mexican border in southern California.  [Incidentally we’re not quite sure where Mr. Trump is going to have the Mexicans build his big wall; it’d kinda ruin the stunning views from the mountaintops around here, …

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Pinnacles National Park

We have been on the move visiting three more national parks, and with so much travel and activity, I haven’t had time to write about what we’re seeing.  Well no more; here is the first of the four parks we are visiting in Winter 2016 in southern California.  [We visited the five parks in central and northern California …

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Fred’s Redwood NP

Here are a few images from our recent stay in Redwood National Park. As you will see, we hiked among some really tall trees on the appropriately named Tall Tree Trail, and through lush vegetation in Fern Canyon. Note Laura sitting on the bench in the first photo. These big boys would make even Shaq look petite.