Take That, 60!

There are some things you only need to do once in your life, and yesterday’s Grand Canyon R2R hike was one of those events for me.  I’m so glad I challenged myself as I did, but I don’t mind admitting that was one tough hike!  I made it in 13.5 hours, slightly over my 13-hour …

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As many of you know, when Fred turned 50 he rode his bike across the United States — Pacific Ocean to Atlantic Ocean — in 25 days.  He chose the more aggressive “short ride” across, averaging 115 miles a day with just two rest days in between.  It took him and a small group of …

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A Place Called “Nothing”

We’ve seen some pretty unique things and we’ve had some pretty wacky experiences while being Out Here on the road for nearly two years, but one of the strangest of them all was seeing a map dot marked “Nothing” — how could we drive past without checking it out?  We couldn’t!  So this is it: Nothing, Arizona.  This is …

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