Cal-i-for-nia Here We Come

Actually we’re here now… we arrived on Thursday, the 7th. Yes, that was three days ago… yes, I’m still a little behind on my posts. It’s been a bit of an adjustment getting back in the saddle – we hadn’t been to any national park properties in a month(!) and now all of the sudden we’re seeing and doing so much once again – I’m out of practice! I’m also challenged with Internet service here at our current campground, so that’s not helping me catch up…. frown

Before I get to the good stuff about our current goings-on, I wanted to share our first three observations about being in California:

Welcome to California - $6.47 for a small Blizzard!

1) Note the price my small DQ blizzard – $5.99 + .48 tax = $6.47 — ouch!  I like my chocolate ice cream treat a whole lot, but I guess I’d better want it pretty badly in the future to want to pay that much for it!

Gas tax chart

2) On the topic of prices, take a look at the gas tax map as of 1/1/15.  California adds 42.5¢ per gallon in state gas taxes, the second-highest amount in the nation.  There’s nothing we can do about that, but this chart prompted us to fill up in Nevada before we crossed the border, and it helps explain why we’re suddenly paying over $1 more per gallon of gas here.  Another “ouch!”

Welcome to California traffic

3) I pulled up Google Maps, as I always do, to guide us to our first Cali destination.  Note all the accidents and road construction on the California highway system outside Los Angeles — yikes!