Birthday with Bob at the Beach

Bob's birthday - with Darlene
Happy Birthday Bob!

January 9-12 — We must have been good house guests last year, for we were invited back again this year to visit our Chicago friends, Bob & Darlene, at their Palm Beach, Florida, condo.  And as a special treat, this year we got to help Bob celebrate his birthday!

As in the past, we had lots of fun together – beach walks up to great little breakfast and lunch spots… strolls up & down the beach just because the weather and the beach were so nice… cocktails and dinners in, including Bob’s birthday celebration with his sister and brother-in-law featuring Darlene’s “magic pork”… pool time that was perfect for reading and napping… and football playoffs that saw Green Bay beat Dallas, much to the delight of Bob and me (me because I was happy that the Packers won; Bob because he was happy that the Cowboys got beat) and frustration of Fred because my Packers are much better than his Bears!

As we are now eight months into our two-year road trip, we have come to realize that one of the best parts of traveling around like this is doing just what we did this past weekend with Bob and Darlene – visit with and enjoy the company of friends!  So thanks, Bob & Darlene, for your generous hospitality and another terrific visit – we hope to see you next year!