June 28 – We FINALLY made it up to Castle Rock Lake and Bob & Diane’s beautiful lake house. They greeted us with cold beer and sangria, which was very much appreciated after our roadside incident.  We toured their fabulous log home, then took more beer and sangria and some snacks down to the lake and got our afternoon boat ride in after all.  After an hour on the lake, we came up for more snacks, a scrumptious rib dinner, delicious berry cobbler & ice cream for dessert, and some nice vino, followed by fine scotch and lemoncello chasers.

Wonderful dinner with Bob & Diane at Betterview, their lake home on Castle Rock Lake
The civilized part of dinner with Bob & Diane at Betterview
... and then the chaos began!
… and then the chaos began! Seriously, we had a fun & fabulous evening which didn’t end until very early the next morning.

After a leisurely morning we finally set off for parts further north in Wisconsin.  We had a wonderful, albeit abbreviated, visit… so thank you, once again, for your wonderful hospitality, Bob & Diane.  Your beautiful home does, indeed, have a BETTER VIEW!!