Best Hike Yet

The big 94-footer!

August 25
 – On the recommendation of a couple of people we met three weeks ago, we came up to Ricketts Glen – a state park in northern Pennsylvania.  

They sold us on the promise of an epic hike that takes you alongside 21 waterfalls – you hike down one creek to where the two creeks meet (at Waters Meet), go down a little farther to see three more waterfalls, then hike back up the second creek – all in all, it’s a 5+ mile loop trail with about 2,000 feet of climbing.  Indeed, this was a fabulous hike!

The falls ranged from 11 feet to 94 feet in drop.  They follow all sorts of routes as the water flows over and around rocks and fallen trees.  The pictures don’t do it justice, but trust us, this was the best hike of all that we’ve been on while Out There – a great recommendation, and one we make to anyone who thinks hiking around 21 waterfalls sounds like a great way to spend a few hours.

1 thought on “Best Hike Yet”

  1. Another beautiful place! You guys are doing a great job of chronicling your adventures, and you are reminding me of the days when Bas and I lived outside of the US with the Canadian government. So many kind people everywhere! In Chicago we probably rely too much on our “regulars” and don’t spend enough time meeting new folks.
    The Jackie Robinson team saga was almost as big as opening day at Wrigley! Can’t believe that you guys made it to the game! The crowd was huge at M Park for them yesterday – I was waiting for MJ to walk out! Let’s keep our fingers crossed that those boys make it as young men – still so many troubles here this summer. We need better education for them – I have so many causes that I want to work on after I retire (9/30!) that there won’t be enough hours in the day!
    Thanks so much for your call, Laura, it was great to hear your voice. The parks so far all look great and you haven’t even hit the most majestic parts of our country!! I’m actually taking a fun trip with some golf friends up through Sleeping Bear Dunes, Petoskey, Traverse City etc. this holiday weekend. We’ve got a lot of golf scheduled (my game is going downhill), so we’re hoping for dry weather. Keep having fun!!

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