Back from Alaska!

We’re BAAACCCKKK! We’ve been back for a couple of days now actually, but we are still catching up on missed sleep and three weeks of “stuff” that we hadn’t been able to attend to from the Alaskan tundra. But alas, that trip is behind us and we’re now into our next park visit.

Creekside in Denali

We’re working on getting all our photos sorted — and there are a bunch of good ones! — but until we get through them all and get a couple of posts together, let these couple of photos be a teaser for what’s to come.  It goes without saying that this year’s trip to Alaska was another fabulous one!

Creekside in Denali
Kayaks tied up for the night in Gates
Kobuk Valley NP
L&F grabbing some shore along the Noatak River in Gates of the Arctic NP

2 thoughts on “Back from Alaska!”

  1. Is there really someone in the red parka in the chair, or is it propped up so one of you could take the picture? It doesn’t look like too many people were just out strolling around. I enjoy all of your writing and pictures but Barrow was extremely interesting.

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