Another fabulous visit with friends

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again — one of the things we like the most about being out here on our road trip is being able to catch up with friends along the way.  We did that once again this past weekend when we were able to see my long-time colleague from my days at HP, Bill, and his wife, Barb, in their lovely home in El Dorado Hills.

Charley's digs in El Dorado Hills
Charley right at home in Bill & Barb’s driveway in El Dorado Hills
Fred & Laura with Bill & Barb
With Bill & Barb
Kelsey's 4-year rowing career has come to an end for Wisconsin - well-done, Kelsey!

Bill and Barb graciously hosted Fred and me for three nights while we kept Charley in their driveway. We, on the other hand, got to sleep inside their way-roomier home. A comfortable bed… a nice, large bathroom with a fabulous shower… a washer and dryer for a couple loads of wash… delicious meals — it doesn’t get much better than that for us! Why, we even got to watch our Chicago Blackhawks beat the Anaheim Ducks to advance to the Stanley Cup finals once again on their big, wonderful, hi-def TV – paradise!!

Kelsey’s 4-year rowing career has come to an end for Wisconsin – well-done, Kelsey!The location of their home couldn’t have been more convenient for us as our niece, Kelsey, qualified to row with her school, the University of Wisconsin (GO WISCO!) in the NCAA Rowing Championships held in nearby Gold River, just 15 miles away. This is Kelsey’s senior year, and this was the last racing of her four-year collegiate rowing career. Using Bill & Barb’s home as base camp, Fred and I got to see Kelsey row each morning, and then enjoy the local area with Bill and Barb after she finished.

We really enjoyed our dinner together at Cascada, their favorite local Mexican restaurant.  Bill highly recommended their margaritas, and we found that while one was good, two was certainly better; three would have had us all under the table!

On Saturday afternoon we all went to the old Folsom Historic District for lunch and a stroll (that included ice cream, of course!) followed by a visit to the famous Folsom County Prison.  It was an unexpected treat to be able to talk to the guards, see the display of inmate-manufactured contraband at the Folsom County Prison Museum, and, of course, see the memorabilia from when Johnny Cash recorded his famous album, Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison, right here at the prison back in January 1968.  We were surprised to learn from the guards how many people from all over the world come to this place, not to visit inmates, but to get a photo of the famous entrance to the place.  They informed us, however, that the entrance the inmates actually use is down around the back; the one pictured is the guard’s entrance.  Who knew?

Folsom State Prison made famous by Johnny Cash
The famous Folsom State Prison
Johnny Cash at Folsom State Prison

We had a wonderful weekend and must absolutely give a big shout-out and THANK YOU to our hosts.  Bill and Barb, your kindness and generosity to us this past weekend is very much appreciated!  We hope to see you on the road again at another time.