Acadia National Park, Part 2

Bass Head Lighthouse
Bass Head Lighthouse – one of four lighthouses guarding Acadia N.P.

And now for the rest of the park….  

When I last left off we were spending two nights (Sept 17-18) in a nice, private campground where we had water & electric hookups so we could get Charley back up to full battery strength.  Following that stay, we moved back down into the park for another three days and nights of “dry camping” (no power/water) in Seawall Campground – once more with no cell/internet coverage either.  

We are beginning to realize that these amenities aren’t ‘nice to haves,’ but rather, they are necessities for comfortable camping.  Still, we were glad for our time down in this campground which was farther afield, and, as previously stated, farther off the Verizon grid.

Coastline in Acadia National Park
Coastline in Acadia National Park

From this campground that was at the southwestern part of the island, we enjoyed the features of this side of Mount Desert Island (pronounced dessert, as in post-dinner treats).  We hiked some more, including taking on three more mountain summits atop which we were rewarded with stunning views.  We took a morning to visit the Schoodic Peninsula, which is another part of this patchwork park – Schoodic is east of MDI.  We visited Pretty Marsh which, as you might imagine, was pretty.  Fred took a ferry out to Little Cranberry Island where he spent the good part of a day in search of his ever-elusive ‘perfect shot’ with his Nikon D800.  We did cross back over to the east side of MDI one chilly afternoon where we partook in an island tradition – tea and popovers at the  Jordon Pond House.  Unfortunately it was too cold and windy to sit outside, but nonetheless we enjoyed our treats inside.  [Thanks, Bill & Kathy C for the fabulous recommendation!]  We visited several stunning coastal towns where we snapped photos then cracked yet more lobsters.  Finally, we drove back around and through some of the magnificent carriage roads that featured Rockefeller’s granite bridges – simply exquisite!

All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed our time here in Acadia National Park; one of the parks we had looked forward to visiting since we started dreaming about seeing all of the national parks back in 2009.  We’ve seen and done so much here, but now it’s time to move on.  Ah, Acadia….

Carriage road stone bridge
Carriage road stone bridge – must-see scenery in Acadia N.P.
Acadia 2