A Fond Farewell to Utah

They might have had an awesome sleepover in Charley with their Aunt Lo Lo, but Chris’s kids sure are fond of their Uncle Fred!

Returning from our vacation in Florida on Sunday afternoon, we spent two more days and one more night with Chris, Keith, Ella, and Oliver before moving back into Charley Monday night, then leaving Salt Lake City and Utah altogether on Tuesday for further points west; Nevada for a couple of days and then California for a month or more – the CLO doesn’t have this figured out yet. (frown)  We packed a lot of fun and silliness into our last 36 hours — backyard swingset poses, basketball tricks and games of H-O-R-S-E, a couple of meals, and an ice cream run where photobombing Uncle Fred was a favorite activity.

Ella, Uncle Fred & Oliver
Ella joins in for a game of HORSE
Oliver takes his shot
Uncle Fred & Oliver shooting some hoops

I’ve had loads of fun with Chris and the kids over the years, and it’s wonderful watching them grow and develop into their own cool little selves.  Ella and Oliver are really special kids to me, and Fred, too, has come to know and love them.  

Based on all of their zany play and gleeful laughter together, it’s clear they love him, too.

Photo bombing Uncle Fred at the ice cream shop

2007 - The baby house in Karaganda, Kazakhstan

As it’s ‘Throwback Thursday,’ I am remembering like it was yesterday, the fall of 2007 when Chris and I, with two-year-old Ella in tow, flew halfway around the world – we traveled across 11 time zones! – to Karaganda, Kazakhstan, to adopt little Oliver. [Chris had adopted Ella from the same baby house just two years before.] 2008 – Hiking with the kids in Arches NPWe’ve traveled together and had lots of great trips and visits at other places, too… our trip to Moab in 2008 comes to mind. Chris and I hiked all over with these two kiddos on our backs – do we love them or what?!!

We have so enjoyed spending time with the Chris and her dear family, but alas, it’s time to move on.  We will be meeting up with some friends and visiting several more of our nation’s 59 national parks and national park units now in the next couple of months.  There are nine national parks in California – the most of any state – but more of this in future posts.

Chris and Keith, we can’t thank you and the kids enough for hosting us, feeding us, making us laugh, letting us use your washer and dryer, providing us with a comfy bed and big bathroom, providing your airport taxi services, and for your professional medical treatments.  We are so looking forward to seeing you all in Alaska in July – it promises to be a fabulous time for all of us!

Keith, Chris, Laura & Fred