A Day at the Races – Cascadia National Enduro Championship

What is a Cascadia National Enduro Championship event?  First, ride your mountain bike eight miles up a steep mountain. At the top, take a quick drink of water, collect your thoughts, and then plunge down that same mountain on dirt and rock single track through dense forest — hopping tree roots, whipping around tight corners on banked berms, expertly guiding your bike between good-sized rocks on either side of the trail, and flying over natural jumps where the ground drops out below you.  In general, “bombing” down as fast as you can all the while trying to keep, “the rubber side down.”  When you get to the bottom of the mountain, catch your breath, take a long drink of water, and then repeat the above… six more times over two days and on three other courses.

That is Enduro, and I spent six hours fighting off mosquitoes while hiking up that mountain to different vantage points next to the single track, to watch and photograph the action at the event in Port Angeles, WA, near Olympic NP.  Here are a few of my motion images from that day on the mountain.

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