First Test Drive a Success!

This morning we drove Charley to Eagle Creek State Park in Indianapolis where our niece, Kelsey, was rowing in the Big Ten Championships.  We watched on excitedly as she rowed with the other ladies in her four [person boat] to take 2nd  in her race; Wisconsin took 3rd overall.  Then, with Dona along for the ride, we set out on our first real test – driving 180 miles back to Chicago.  He handled well, but the ride was a bit bumpier and louder than we were expecting – we chose to blame it on the roads!  We each took a turn driving to get a feel for both interstate driving and then city driving, and we’re happy to report we can each handle our ‘rig’ pretty well.  We parked Charley at his summer home – the Storage Mart in Lombard, which is about 20 miles from our condo downtown.  Now, our travels with Charley await us!

Travels With Charley

01 - Our new RV

02 - Proud new RV owners

Today we picked up our newly-purchased RV from the storage facility in Indianapolis.  The prior owners took immaculate care of it, only putting 4,649 miles on the odometer.  A couple of signatures followed, and with that, the 30’ Newmar BayStar was ours!

We drove a short (and a bit nerve-racking) 15 miles to the home of some friends in Clearwater Cove and later that afternoon – during happy hour wouldn’t you know – christened him Charley.  As usual, with this group of friends a party ensued – Dona L., Jim & Debby H., Sally A., Lorrene B., us, some snacks and beverages, and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot – this was a christening, after all!  Dona gave us our first gifts – a roll of paper towels, a container of Clorox wipes, and some cocktail napkins – essential items for RV ownership.

I went to bed that night with two thoughts in my head:  first, ‘Wow, we really are doing this!’… and then, ‘There’s no turning back now; we own a 30-foot RV!’